Tuition, Fees, & an Opportunity to Give

All fees include NM Gross Receipts Tax

**Application Fee, Registration Fee, Tuition Deposit, and Annual Insurance Fee are non refundable.


Schedule of basic Fees for 2019-2020:

• Full Time Tuition:  $14,800.00

• Sibling Tuition:  $14,060.00

• Part Time Tuition (for 20 months -3 year olds):  $8,880.00

• Extended Care :  

Drop-in (AM & PM):  $8.00/hour billed in full hour increments on the 1st of each month, for drop-ins recorded in the previous month. 

Monthly Pre-payment Option:   AM $104.00 • PM $312.00 • AM & PM $384.00

Annual Pre-payment Option:     AM $576.00 • PM $1,728.00 • AM & PM $2,016.00

Additional Fees:

One-time Application Fee: $35.00**

One-time Registration Fee:  $85.00**

Annual Insurance Fee:  $180.00**

Tuition Deposit:  $1,800.00** (Deducted from Annual Tuition)


Research shows that economic diversity in student populations is an important condition for allowing children to develop the life skills that will be needed by our next generation of leaders. We are eager to invite children of lesser means to participate in our learning community. To that end, we encourage families who are able to make a tax deductible contribution to the non-profit Foundation for Educational Enhancement. FFEE defrays tuition costs for each child sponsored. This partnership, supported by your generous donations, makes it possible for us to to include children who would otherwise not have access to this community, and whose presence diversifies and enriches our program.  

The Foundation for Educational Enhancement serves as a resource for schools or educational programs in the Santa Fe area that seek support in implementing, improving or enriching their educational programs.  The Foundation was created by an alumni parent of La Mariposa Montessori so that donor advised funds could be accepted on behalf of the school.  Over the past 13 years, the foundation has had a significant impact on our school and community.  

foundation for educational enhancement